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How to Preserve Fruit cakes for years


Fruit cake is a kind of cake usually made using a chopped candied fruit or dried fruits, spices and nuts. You may soak them in spirits thou this is not a must. A fruit cake is also known as fruitcake. They are mostly served during celebrations such as Christmas and weddings. King cake is a kind of cake normally related with the festival of the Epiphany during the Christmas season in several countries. It is a famous food item during the season of Christmas.

You may store your home made fruit cake for several years although it is not possible with the kind of cake you normally buy because it has got a sell-by date, preservatives as well as additives in it. However, you can be capable to lengthen the life of your fruit cake from the store by just freezing it after you have wrapped it in a tin foil very securely. The best varieties of the fruit cakes to store are the ones which you may make yourself and are laced with liquor, wine, whiskey, dark rum, brandy as well as port. If you make a fruit cake, it may take at least one month for it to mature or mellow. You should not therefore freeze one till it has been allowed to soften for a few months.

Once you make fruit cakes, you are required to make them 3 or 4 months before you want to consume them. This gives them adequate time to reach for their full flavor potential. If you would like to keep them for a few months, you should store them in an airtight tin like an old biscuit tin. You are also supposed to add more liquor to your cakes by piercing them in a few places and then pouring the liquor over the top of your cake and leaving them. The liquid shall gradually seep into your cakes and the flavor shall superb once you are ready to consume one of them.

If it is a lower tier or top tier of your wedding cake which you want to store, you shall require to leave any dowels or pillars in it since the cake should not get exposed to the air. You may wrap it in some layers of a greaseproof paper and then wrap it using aluminium foil before storing it in a tin that is placed in a cold dark place. You may still get a cardboard cake box and after you have wrapped your cake you may store it there successfully.

Another way that you may use to store fruit cakes for years is wrapping it in a cheesecloth or else tea towels that have been soaked in similar alcohol as was used in the cake. Tightly wrap it in an aluminium foil or a plastic wrap and soak that cloth in alcohol again for every few months. You may then rewrap it. You may still store fruit cakes that have no alcohol in it and may wrap it in a greaseproof paper and then keep it in a cardboard or tin cake box for several years.

In conclusion, you may use one of the above ways to preserve your fruit cakes for years and surely the process will be fine for you.